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Play trailer Resolve a personal vendetta
in a world torn by total war
between technology and magic
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Exploration_main Tactical Combat

Discover new Dark Envoy system with no RNG combat - only your tactical genius and smart party builds will decide if you win or suffer crushing defeat.

Real time combat system with active slow or pause. 16 specialization classes that allow mixing abilities from various skill trees. Experiment and adapt to emerge victorious from every battle

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Exploration_main Exploration Explore the world using your Skyship - hunt for mythical locations and procedurally
generated dungeons with optional tactical objectives.

Choose wisely where to travel as the world map adjusts with the passing of
in-game time becoming progressively more challenging for you and your party.
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Exploration_main Engaging Story As the Human Empire fights for dominance against the remnants of the Old Races, Dark Technology clashes against Magic — neither side is good and just.

Against this backdrop, Kaela and Malakai aspire to repair their parents’ broken airship in order to travel the world, seeking to face whatever dungeons, challenges, and riches may come their way.
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Exploration_main Online Cooperation

Face the dangers of this war driven world alone or with a friend in cooperation mode. Will you become strong enough to survive the journey and reach the end?

Thanks to large pool of quests, local and world events you will always find adventure and challanges to overcome. One playthrough won't be enough to uncover all of the content.

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